12:00 - 00:45
40 minutes
Makrigianni 1, Kos Town

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PIZZA SALAD Pizza's base with cheese (sauce). On top of it add the salad or the vegetables of your choice and the sauce you wish or ask for the choices you have

garlic cheesy bread-Brusketa italiane Περιγραφή

OMELETTES The omelettes are made of 3 eggs and served with french fries and vegetables

chocodila tortilla with sweet fruit and chocolate

club GORTITAS Soft puff (pita) tortilla, opened in half, filled with onion, green, red pepper tomato yogurt sauce, and potato wedges

CLUB CHALUPA soft tortilla filled with bacon, fiesta sauce, french fries, cheddar, lettuce, onion tomato cucumber, yoghurt sauce

FAJITAS Soft tortilla with fried red and green pepper, onion (colliander)