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Social Taste is partnering with the biggest companies in the world to extend it’s capabilities and offer the best possible services to your business. Here you can see some of these partnerships. If you feel your company can benefit from Social Taste and / or can help our clients with it’s services, drop us a message and we ‘ll be more than happy to discuss a partnership with you.
  • Tookan

    Tookan is a full-fledged fleet management solution. Social Taste supports direct creation of tasks in your tookan account through the order management system.

  • Braintree Payments

    Braintree is a Paypal company and one of the biggest onine payment companies in the world. By enabling Braintree in your profile, you can connect your Braintree account with your Social Taste apps and your customers can pay for your products via numerous available means. Best of all, you get your money directly without us or anyone in the middle.

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